Durian Hong Peah

You will love our products, we have 2 flavour for this

Durian Flavour

Delicious Dodol, Get it in Festive Season

People Love Dodol

When Raya Festive Season. People love to make dodol for their snack. It really sweet and delicious. You can buy from us, we have others flavours too.



Durian fruit is not noted for having a particularly appealing fragrance, but it its many beneficial attributes have earned it the “King of Tropical Fruit” title. Coming from one of the 30 recognized Durio species (at least nine of which produce edible fruit), durian is popular both in the local communities where it is grown, and on the thriving international market. Like other tropical fruits such as banana, avocado, and jackfruit, durian is rich in energy, vitamins, and minerals. It offers phytonutrients, water, protein, and beneficial fats. While very low in cholesterol and sodium, it is rich in dietary fiber and is a good source of antioxidant vitamin C, which helps scavenge harmful free radicals and assists in your body’s resistance against infection. References


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